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Programs and Specialist Classes

At Glenrowan Primary School we offer a wide variety of programs and specialist classes including; cooking and gardening, AUSLAN, Art, Library and Physical Education.


Kitchen Garden Program

Something smells good in the Red Brick Kitchen!

At Glenrowan PS we have been running a kitchen garden program for over 10 years. Students from prep to grade six participate in cooking classes once a fortnight, using seasonal produce from our teaming veggie garden. Students love the opportunity to learn new culinary techniques and try new foods as they enjoy a healthy meal together. Students learn about nutrition, gardening and cooking whilst getting their hands dirty ... there's a lot to love about that!


Every year the grade six students are heavily involved in catering their own graduation dinner ... an excellent opportunity to learn and to say thanks to their parents and teachers who have positively impacted their primary school journey.



Our travelling art teacher, Mrs Moore always puts a smile on the face of the kids at GPS. Students enjoy a plethora of creative activities where they are immersed in learning about the elements and principles of art and design. Students are always proud of their creations and can't wait to show them off at the end of each session.


Students are always excited when the Library Van comes to visit GPS! Our travelling librarian, Katrina Davies is very passionate about sharing the joys of literacy and reading with our students. 

In addition, Glenrowan Primary School also has a school library of which the students are free to browse and borrow on a weekly basis.



Students have been lucky enough to have our very own, Alison Exton take specialist language classes in Auslan this past year. We see this program as a very important means of building children's capacity to communicate with and understand the Australian Deaf Community. Students always enjoy learning new signs and are constantly seen practising them outside of class.

Physical Education

This year students have been participating in fortnightly Physical Education classes with our Grade 6 teacher Mario Anania. During these classes students learn about the importance of physical activity and fitness as well as important social and emotional skills when participating in a wide range of sports and activities. 

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